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Does QVI Club have 5-star properties?

There is no universal standard for star ratings of hotels currently. Generally however, the number of stars awarded is indicative of the range of facilities available, and not necessarily equated to the degree of luxuriousness of the hotel. Star-ratings rank from one-star to five-star; there is no such rating as six-star or seven-star. Many of the resorts that QVI and XchangeWorld offer are purpose-built for vacation club memberships, so they do not necessarily conform to any typical hotel star rating system, but all offer very decent standards of comfort, ambience and facilities. For more about star ratings, please download the attached PDF

Why doesn’t QVI Club have hotels in places like London, New York, Madrid or Paris?

Hotel accommodations in capital cities and major cities are always more expensive due to high demand. Typically, rooms in an average quality hotel would start around USD200 per night. The nature of QVI Club’s membership pricing means that it is very difficult for us to secure inventory in such locations without having to pass on costs to our members.

Why can’t I insist on a specific resort at a specific travel date?

QVI Club, through XchangeWorld, works primarily on a cross utilization and exchange basis with hundreds of resorts whereby specific allotments of rooms are provided. We cannot control when and how many rooms are allocated by the resorts at any time. Resorts will reserve the majority of their rooms for their own guests, members, and walk-in traffic, as well as black out high season dates. Any remaining or spare inventory is then allocated to vacation clubs like QVI Club, so it would be very challenging to find availability for our members at popular resorts (which would hardly have any spare inventory throughout the year) or during peak travel seasons (which would have black-out dates).

With Home Resorts and Limited Collection resorts, QVI Club has greater control and flexibility over the inventory, so there is usually a higher chance of obtaining availability with these resorts on the dates you want.

Why do vacation clubs only receive an allocation of a percentage of rooms from hotels and resorts, and not the full inventory of rooms?

It is standard industry practice for hotels to allocate only a percentage of their rooms to vacation clubs all around the world. The main allocation of their inventory is to their own guests who book directly with them, their own membership club if they have one, travel agents, corporate bookings, and to walk-in traffic. Any remaining  or spare inventory is then allocated to holiday exchange platforms like XchangeWorld. Usually, hotels will have more spare inventory during low seasons such as the winter months, or before the summer season starts.

Why are we sometimes told there is no availability, but the hotel’s website shows there is?

QVI Club receives a limited allocation of rooms from hotels, which reserve most of their inventory for the general public, travel agencies and corporate companies. It sometimes happens that our allocation becomes fully booked up during a specific period, while the hotel may still have availability.

In XchangeWorld, what is meant by a mixed-use property?

A mixed-use property is one that operates as a hotel, and also has rooms or units allocated for vacation clubs. This means that they do not function exclusively for vacation club operations only. There may be situations when the hotel side of operations may have rooms available, but the inventory allocated to vacation clubs is fully used up. This is when our QVI Club members or package holders will not be able to obtain availability for their preferred dates. However, we will offer you alternative similar accommodations in a nearby location where possible.

Why is a room booked through QVI Club sometimes more expensive than the published rates for the same room on the hotel’s website?

As an IR, you will receive compensation for products that you sell through QNET. This monetary compensation is factored into the cost of each QVI Club membership or holiday package, so it can sometimes seem as if the same hotel room costs more through QVI Club than through the hotel. Generally though, the rates we are offered by hotels will be very favourable as compared to public rates.

Are meals and transfers included in our memberships and packages?

Our memberships and packages are for accommodation only and do not include meals, airport transfers, or any other incidentals incurred during the stay.

Your booking guideline recommends booking at least 45 days in advance. Will that guarantee me availability at my choice of resort?

Our 45-day recommendation is only a guideline and all bookings, even those made more than 45 days in advance, will still be subject to availability, especially for popular resorts, and during peak travel seasons. However, the earlier you book, the higher your chances are of securing availability at the resorts and travel date of your choice. If your preferred resort is not available, we will always offer you alternatives of a similar quality, type and location.

Why do I have to pay a Usage Fee?

The Usage Fee is a yearly fee payable by holders of Club memberships (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond), and is for the maintenance and repairs of QVI Club Home Resorts. The Usage Fee is payable within the year of entitlement, and to be paid before making a reservation, or to bank in the week for 2 more years. For more information on the Usage Fee, please refer to the Understanding Our Products page.


Confirm your accommodation booking before buying your air tickets

Since QVI Club and XchangeWorld cannot guarantee room availability based on demand or specific dates, we recommend that flight arrangements be made only when you have already confirmed your hotel booking with us. To ensure you can get the flights you want, you should book your accommodation as early as possible and not leave it all to the last minute.

Remember that our one-week stays are from Saturday-to-Saturday

Our resorts generally only accept Saturday-to-Saturday stays for one-week bookings, so that week-long stays can be booked back to back, and there are no ‘wasted’ days in between. This maximizes the number of members we can accommodate in the same resort, and is particularly important for the highly popular ones. Do bear this fact in mind when you are planning your flights and related holiday activities.

Don’t book at the last minute

Your chances of being able to secure rooms at your preferred resort at the last minute are very low, since we have a limited number of allocated rooms for the majority of our XchangeWorld resorts. To avoid disappointment, we always encourage our members to book at least 45 days in advance to increase their chances of securing confirmed accommodation.

Make use of our website resources

Look for available resorts in the XchangeWorld website under Online Availability, Guaranteed Check-In, or XchangeWorld Xtra lists on www.xchangeworld.com

Be flexible with your travelling dates

The more flexible you are with your travel dates, the higher your chances of securing accommodation at the resort of your choice.

Consider alternative destinations

The world is yours to explore, so why not be adventurous and consider other destinations besides the usual? The resorts along the southern Costa del Sol in Spain, the gorgeous countryside of New Zealand, the sunny Caribbean islands, the exotic historical cities of China – all hold wonderful discoveries for you!

QVI Club is for holiday travel and not for business travel or cities-only travel

We are a vacation club dedicated to helping you relax, enjoy and discover numerous wonderful holiday destinations with your loved ones. Our resorts are generally for leisure travel and would not usually have the range of business facilities you would require for business travel.

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